【Hunter Select】AR-15 M4 .308 Crush Washer for Competition Muzzle Brake  10pc (5/8"-24 TPI) #00454

【Hunter Select】AR-15 M4 .308 Crush Washer for Competition Muzzle Brake 10pc (5/8"-24 TPI) #00454

Hunter Select

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Product Overview

AR-15/M4 .308 Competition Short Muzzle Brake Crush Washer (5/8"x24 TPI) for 10pc

Product Features

● Black: Black Oxide
● Silver: Stainless Steel

AR-15 crush washer won't work for a 300 Blackout, if you are building a 300 Blackout, you will need a AR-10 washer


The purpose of the crush washer is to provide an adjustable-width washer to allow the flash suppressor to be correctly timed. For example, an A2 flash suppressor is designed to have its 5 slots arranged across the top. Without a washer of the proper thickness, which varies slightly from part to part, the slots wouldn't line up.

A peel washer is a washer made up of a lot of thin layers of metal glued together. The idea is to cut or peel off layers until you get the desired fit.

A crush washer is much easier to work with. You simply tighten the muzzle device until you meet resistance against the washer, and then continue tightening until the device is properly aligned, which crushes the washer and provides the required pressure to hold the device in place. Thus, in the last few years, crush washers have largely replaced peel washers on new builds.


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