【Hunter Select】AR-15 /M16  Charging Handle & Tactical Latch Adapter#00650

【Hunter Select】AR-15 /M16 Charging Handle & Tactical Latch Adapter#00650

Hunter Select

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Product Overview

AR-15 /M16  Charging Handle & Tactical Latch Adapter


Combo includes:

  • Made in USA AR-15 /M16  Charging Handle.

  • Made In USA Steel Black Tactical Latch Adapter.

The charging handle extended latch will help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your lower receiver. This tactical latch is compatible with all mil-spec charging handles for use with M16/ AR-15. 

Operation of an AR-15 charging handle can be challenging in certain conditions. Large optics or wearing bulky gloves in cold weather can reduce the operator's ability to manipulate the latch. The AR 15 charging handle latch has a larger grasping area to allow fast and smooth operation of the charging handle. The AR-15 tactical latch makes your rifle easier to operate while wearing gloves and increases its functionality.  It replaces the Charging Handle Latch, allows easy function of rifle with either hand.  The design of this latch lends itself to easy charging even in the most extreme conditions. If your charging handle extended latch needs a replacement or an upgrade, it’s a purchase you won’t regret. A must for Tactical scoped flat top rifles. Charging Handle not included.



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