Don't Be Tac-ti-Cruel.

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Anytime you purchase a product- regardless if it's for personal use around the house, something for your leisure time, or just happen to have a penchant for something you've always wanted, as well as something you need at work, or will need at some specific time and place in the future in the course of your work; as a shopper, you try to take into account how that product will work, look, fit, be useful to you, not only when you purchase it, but maybe a period of time down the road after you've owned, even ridden or driven it, or generally used it for awhile. A personal purchase with funds out of your own pocket carries a lot of importance to you.

Concerns about what you buy will almost always have you first peeking into your wallet or e-commerce account to make sure it's going to be worth the purchase-time and money- let's face it, in the age of e-commerce which is supposed to be more convenient than driving to the store, your "Amaze'on" shopping experience can sometimes be a chore, especially when you figure in product stock quantities, backordered items, product reviews, and return/refund wait times for multiple returns; AND ADMIT IT, YOU CANCEL OR RETURN A LOT OF YOUR ONLINE PURCHASES, you know it, and the customer service lady at Amaze'on knows it.

Multiply the above concerns for your average everyday item you find online by about 7.62% (see what I did there?) and you get some idea of what gun enthusiast go through when the idea of purchasing a firearm,- or multiple firearms in many a case- or firearms accessories, tickles their fancy, and the itch to grab some gun parts for their beloved Bolt Action or Semi-Auto AR Rifles, AK Pistols, Glocks, Sigs, Pig Rigs, and Ghost Jigs hits and hits hard.  Firearms gear-heads like to buy gun stuff, and buy it often they do.  When we buy stuff for our guns, we go through a whole ceremonial envisioning of what that gear will look like on us or our gun as we have an out-of-body vision of ourselves shooting at the local target range.  Knowing this, we carefully consider factors such as price, latest model releases, price, quality, price, tac-ti-cool-factor, use-code for price discount, rarity and limited access to other shooters at the range, aka the unobtanium appeal of a firearm or add-on product, and of course, how much the thing will set the kids' college education back in terms of months, or more likely years?

We do however fail to consider the most important factor in buying firearms related parts and "TAC"-cessories; and that is WEAR-AND-TEAR.  There is no way around the fact that firearms will wear down in time, firearms accessories; from grips, stocks, triggers, trigger groups, trigger guards, high wear parts, low wear parts, foregrips, charging handles, scopes, sights, and picatinny teeth on those picatinny rails will even lose their laser engravings after a few years of use.  Yet, we still must have the latest and greatest, more expensive than the last purchase, piece of unobtanium the planet is just itching to buy, but you just have to get a jump on the rest of the NRA populus milling about at a local gun show or expo that you just saw happening online. We have all been there, and unfortunately, we have all suffered to financial consequence of buyer's remorse for a totally brand new- but really un-tasked and un-tested by time- piece of gun gear or high-caliber firearm.  Thankfully, we as firearms enthusiasts tend to learn from our mistakes, whether it's at that newly discovered online gun website or at the shooting range, we HAVE to learn from those mistakes, those impulsive purchase, or complacency in muzzle discipline, especially when it's related to firearms- the price sometimes isn't just a costly purchase, but at a cost of life.

Most of us learn that shelling out the most dollars for a billet-machined and anodized sling loop or muzzle brake won't necessarily make us better or more accurate shooters, and that the proven milspec AR Handle mounted picatinny rail for your 30 year old 4-by scope is all you really need to "stay in the black", and that part of that still maintained accuracy is in part because you went out and bought yourself a tried-and-true solid A2 stock and buffer tube for an unparalleled  solid-cheek-weld to keep your rounds placed right in the ten-ring.  Being practical at the range usually translated to being practical a week prior at your newly found online gun store, where you decided to finally just get the basics to replace the basics on your AR, or Remington 8-7-zer0, and you know what, you had funds leftover for next week's bonfire night shoot at the desert- and at these gas prices, you couldn't have turned over a new leaf at a better time.  If you thought rimfire ammunition was scarce a few times a few years back, wait until your shooting buddies become even more scarce when they suddenly start showing up less-and-less at the range when they're at home with an empty gas tank on their RAM 5500 Cummins truckzilla..  at least they still get to stare at their tacti-cool AR with its custom rattle-canned, billet aluminum sling loops in snake-camo.

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