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We are proud to offer Ledesma Arms’ Featureless California Compliant Retrofit Kits! With these conversion kits, you will be compliant with the new laws that came into effect on January 1, 2017 and you will no longer need to register your AR in 2017 as an assault rifle. Please remember that the bullet button is considered to be a removable magazine now and is banned as an assault weapon feature. So if you are looking to go featureless, this is great option for you.

What is featureless?

Featureless refers to a rifle that does not have any features that the CA DOJ constitutes as “evil features.” Note: A featureless rifle cannot be converted back into an assault rifle. Those features are as follows:

-A pistol Grip

-Forward Pistol Grip

-A Collapsible stock

-Flash hider or suppressor

How does LAM’s Featureless California Compliant Retrofit Kit comply?

  1. There needs to be a fixed stock.

LAM provides a fixed stock. It is threaded through with a customized Allen screw designed and patented by us. This screw is designed to fit into the d-tents of your buffer tube, locking it into place and making you compliant with the first part of the California featureless law.

  1. No pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously below the action of the weapon.

LAM’s 40 degree angle rifle grip keeps the web of your hand (the skin between your thumb and your forefinger) is above that trigger line

  1. No Flash Suppressor/ hider

LAM provides in our kits a compensator or a thread protector.

With these three features, you will not have to register your weapon as an assault weapon in 2017 and since it is converted into a featureless sporting rifle you are free to drop the magazine with a standard mag button. We offer 2 calibers of comps 308 and 223/556.

Come check it out at Hunter Select or at ledesmaarms.com.

- Hunter Select

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